Certification of Wastewater Treatment Plants

Reinberg Environmental Consulting offers you process management assistance for commissioning and maintenance of your treatment system on the test field of the PIA Testing Institute for Wastewater Technology. Due to our experience and know-how, you can make sure that your plant is overseen and serviced perfectly. During the test phase, we’ll send you frequent reports to keep you updated. We will only appoint personnel that have got years of experience in servicing of wastewater treatment plants and is always up to date on new technical developments.

Our service includes monitoring and servicing of the plant under test and, if required, the entire revision/editing of all necessary documentations for filing the application at the appropriate authorities. On demand we take care of the entire documentation from creating or editing technical documents to translating them into all European languages. Assimilated and comprehensive documentation ensures that your instructions are always understood and the plant is installed and operated correctly in all countries according to the respective legislations.

  • Process management for the certification of your small wastewater treatment plant according to EN 12566 parts 1 and 3, DIBt, ANSI/NSF, Veolia and other approvals
  • Technical surveillance and operation control on the PIA testing facility
  • authoring or revision of all necessary documents and applications
  • authoring or revision of your documentation, conforming it to required standards
  • professionnal translation of your documents into all European languages
  • maintenance, servicing and if necessary repair of your plant
  • concise and comprehensive documentation of the test phase and technical advice in case of incidents
  • consultancy for the target-oriented marketing of your product and the development of new markets
  • total discretion – so that your know-how remains your know-how

As a matter of course, all services can be assigned independently



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